About Rodinia Resources


Australian-based Rodinia Resources Pty Ltd (Rodinia) has developed an innovative technology for resource recovery and elimination of a significant environmental liability globally.

Rodinia is focused on biorehabilitation of toxic bauxite/alumina processing waste (“Red Mud”) and concurrent specialty metal extraction.

Rodinia has developed a unique microbially assisted process (bioneutralisation), for which a patent application has been lodged, to rehabilitate Red Mud whilst concurrently extracting potentially valuable specialty metals.

The bioneutralisation process has potential global application, through conversion of environmentally harmful Red Mud into usable agricultural soil.

Rodinia’s 2016 Options Study indicated that the economics of specialty metals extraction are compelling when coupled with the opportunity to provide a zero waste management solution for alumina producers.

Rodinia was incorporated in Australia in 2008 and established a presence in Jamaica that same year. Rodinia was critical to introduction of the $8 million Oz Minerals Joint Venture into the Jamaican mineral exploration sector, which had been ignored for many years.

In 2012 the Company initiated the “Red Mud” project and has since carefully and methodically developed its bioneutralisation process and the programs for relevant testwork and related studies. To evaluate options for metal recovery, in 2015 a sampling and testwork program was undertaken, with an Options Study being completed in the first half of 2016.

Rodinia owns 100% of subsidiary Rare Metals Jamaica Ltd (RMJL) which holds licences for two projects, EPL 570 Alpart and EPL 571 Jamalco, covering some 70 million tonnes of Red Mud in total.